IGNOU Correspondence Courses

Correspondence education is a form of distance education. In this form of education the instructor and the student are separated by space or time. Therefore a large gap exists between the two which can be bridged by modern technologies like videoconferencing, audio tapes, satellite broadcasts and online technology or the age-old method of postal delivery service. In other words correspondence course is an educational process and system in which all or a significant proportion of the teaching is carried out by someone or something removed in space and time from the learner. Correspondence learning requires structured planning, well-designed courses special instructional techniques and methods of communication by electronic and other technology, as well as specific organizational and administrative arrangements.

Correspondence courses are the ones where the students are not attending regular classes and yet continue their studies. The course contents, duration of the course, the mode of exams and the degree awarded are the same as the ones applicable for the regular students. The academic methods and activities include teaching materials are given to the students at regular intervals of time, the evaluation of test sheets and personal contact programmes are also available to the students. Admissions are open to all across India and details relating to admission procedure can be obtained from their concerned websites.

IGNOU is one of the largest universities in the world. Today it serves the educational aspirations of about 1.8 million students. Apart from teaching and research, extension and training form the mainstay of its academic activities. It also acts as a national resource centre, and serves to promote and maintain standards of distance education in India. IGNOU encourages, coordinates and assists Open Universities and correspondence education systems while determining standards in such systems in the country. The different schools under IGNOU are School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, School of Sciences, School of Education, School of Continuing Education, School of Engineering & Technology, School of Management studies, School of Health Science, School of Computer & Information Sciences, School of Agriculture, School of Law, School of Journalism and New Media Studies, School of Gender and Development Studies, School of Tourism Hospitality Service Sectoral Management, School of Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies, School of Social Work, School of Vocational Education and Training, School of Extension and Development Studies, School of Foreign Languages, School of Translation Studies and Training and School of Performing and Visual Arts


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    Travels & Tourism ka course corespondence se ho sakta hai kya ? Fees Aur Center batayen plz.

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    Bachelor Course

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    corespondence se M.A karna chahta hoo,application form kab jama honge or fees kya hai batayen pse.

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    looking for bachelor course

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    B A chitracala se ho sakata hai ya nahi corsponding

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    kya ntt courses bhi hai

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    mujhe ntt course karna hai kya ntt ignu se ho sakta hai

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    Bsc.bhi hai

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    I want to pursue a basic programme in French language. Please advice.