MCA Syllabus

MCA is a new branch of study which has flourished widely to offer new prospects and opportunity.
The MCA syllabus at IGNOU is well integrated into efficient parts with proper division of semesters which arranges it to help the student gradually increase their domain knowledge. In a course of 3 years of MCA at IGNOU, each year comprises of two semesters.

The First semester comprises of subjects like Problem Solving and Programming, Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Systems Analysis and Design, Communication Skills, Introduction to Software, Data Structure through ‘C’ and ‘PASCAL’, Elements of Systems Analysis and Design. In the Second semester the subjects taught at IGNOU are Data and File Structures, Operating System Concepts and Networking Management, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming, Computer Fundamentals, File Structure and Programming in COBOL and Database Management Systems.

Semester three is very specific about the subjects Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Advanced Discrete Mathematics, Software Engineering, Accountancy and Financial Management, Numerical and Statistical Computing, Data Communication and Network, Operations Research. The Fourth semester consists of the topics like Operating Systems, Data Communication and Computer Networks, Advanced Database Management Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Software Engineering and Accounting and Finance on Computer.

The Fifth semester is crucial with the subjects like Advanced Internet Technologies, Principles of Management and Information Systems, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Architecture and Object Oriented Systems. The Sixth and the final semester comprises of the subjects like Operating Systems, Intelligent Systems, and Relational Database Management Systems. The last two semesters also include a project work with is associated with a presentation.


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